“Provide your ideas and suggestions to promote solar power electricity generation before February 15 ….”
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  • Arrangements will be made to produce equipment related to solar power electricity generation locally.
  • Opportunity will be given for private sector also to enter in the production of solar power electricity generation.
  • Take necessary steps to develop solar power electricity in the Hambanthota district.

“We will provide opportunity for private and government sector. We will obtain the suggestions and views regarding how to produce solar power panel in Sri Lanka to stop the importation of solar panels, provide opportunity for Sri Lankan youths  to improve their talent without selling our resources to abroad and he requested to provide suggestions in this regard before 15th February. You could provide your suggestions and views to enlighten us before February 15th.  Further the minister of power energy and business development said that based on the suggestions and views further activities could be taken to enhance this industry. Minister paid a visit to Hambanthota to get an understanding regarding the problems faced by solar power generators at Hambanthota. The activities that hinders this project and what other new activities have to be taken to enhance this industry. Minister paid his special attention towards Hambanthota “patpalk solar power generation projects” Honorable Ravikarunayake further said

“There are plenty of resources available in Sri Lanka which we could obtain for free of charge that is the sun light. We have visited here to understand how we could make use of this sunlight to generate electricity in the Hambanthota. How we could do this project in an efficient manner? At the mean time while providing opportunity for private sector we could provide electricity to our consumers in an efficient manner further we could produce electricity for low price as well.