First time in Sri Lanka signing a memorandum of understanding to induce artificial rain projects
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  • Eliminate the obstacle encountered in hydro power during drought season
  • New projects will be introduced during next month.
  • Signing the memorandum of understanding between the Air force and Ceylon electricity board.
  •  Obtaining technical knowledge from Thailand government in view of minimizing problems caused by drought in the catchment area by inducing artificial rain.
  • The ministry of power, energy and business development has made arrangement to launch this project.

Under this projects arrangements have been made to induce artificial rain during drought season. The Thailand government had come forward to provide the technical knowledge and it is the first time in Sri Lanka that a program would be launched in relation to artificial rain. The Sri Lankan Air force will provide necessary flights and other services in this regard. The electricity board is functioning under the purview of ministry of power, energy and business development, the Ceylon electricity board will sign and memorandum of understanding with the Air force and this program will be held under the chairmanship of the Honorable Ravikarunayake ministry of power, energy and business development. State minister Hon. Champika Premadhasa also participated in this program. The MOU will be sign today 23rd at the headquarters of Sri Lankan Air force. On behalf of Sri Lanka electricity board Dr. P.M.S.Patagoda and on behalf of Sri Lanka air force Air marshel Kapila Jayampathi will sign this MOU.

Honorable Ravikarunayake further said “We envisages to implement through this project by using flights during the dry season to induce artificial rain. The Thailand government will provide technical assistance and other knowledge to us. Arrangements have been made during dry season to induce artificial rain in the catchment areas. This is the first time such a program has been introduced in Sri Lanka. So it is an important agreement in the history of Sri Lanka. During the dry season it is impossible for Sri Lanka electricity board to generate hydro power and it compelled to purchase electricity from private companies which is expensive and caused many difficulties to the Ceylon electricity board. If we are in a position to implement the inducing artificial rain programs that would be beneficial to the country and it would help Ceylon electricity board to overcome the losses it encountered. We expect to implement this program during the end of next month. Having considered the well-being of this country we have launched this program. This would beneficial to reduce some unwanted expenditures and it would progress our economy as well”

The commander of Sri Lanka air force pointed out that by providing flights that to induce artificial rain in the catchment areas. The Sri Lanka Air force can contribute towards the success of this project. He said one flight will be modernized in this regard which has the ability to spray the chemicals and induce artificial rain. He said a special flight would be reserved for this purpose and allocate such flight for sole purpose of Ceylon electricity board. He further said today the MOU has been signed to enhanced hydro electricity generating systems instant of cold electricity system. In addition to generating electricity this could be used to induce artificial rain during the drought season to develop the agriculture activities of the country.