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  • “We have to adapt a constitution that safeguard the unitary state of the country, nurture and prioritized Buddhism and it should live on the hearts and minds of the people forever”
  • “We must unite together to relinquish the extremism , to protect and nurture the country and peace be established ”
  • “Whether a country could develop or deteriorate it depends on education”
  • “Drug is one of the serious problems we have been facing today we have to eliminate the narcotic drugs. There are some politicians living in our community they persuade the people to consume drugs. This is the unfortunate situation we have been facing. This unfortunate situation to be eliminated from our society”

Hon. Ravikarunayake
minister of power, energy and business development

“Hon. Ravikarunayake minister of power, energy and business development pointed out that it is an unfortunate situation that the country could not reap the benefits of free education. Today the universities are almost closed because the education is provided free of charge. In foreign countries students earn a degree almost at the age of 21 – 22. Although a student in srilanka reach 25 years he/she couldn’t achieve that position. Our students always involve in protest and carrying various placards. Is this the value we derived from the education? We have to think twice about it. I request that our students should not miss this opportunity. They must think about the ignorance of our students. Today education have been politicized, inspite of many difficulties parents provide the money required for education but children fail to understand about it. Parents spent huge amount of money for tuition classes, though students not attending school properly. Therefore the value of school education have been diminished. It doesn’t reap the real benefit. Our children must reap real benefit out of education. Today our politicians think about politics, they hardly think about the country. When we think in the terms of cost of living always we think about providing relief. We hardly think how to eliminate the poverty. The politicians speak about unemployment but there is no one who guide how to resolve the unemployment problems. “The leaders are not the real leaders they are only politicians this is the curse of this country” the minister said this yesterday (13th )at Maharagama when distributing exercise books and stationeries to the students. There are many including the politicians of the area graced this occasion.

Hon. Minister Ravikarunanayake further stated “UNP is the party that always understood the important of education and working hard to develop the education. The free education system was introduced to the country by C.W.W.Kannagara ,subsequently the late J.R.Jayawardana by distributing free books to the students brought a change to the country, then late Hon.R.Pramadhasa provided free uniform and mid-day meals to the students. Hon. Lalith Athalakudhale introduced Mahapola scheme to the students. Hon. Ranil Wikramasigha rendered yeomen service to develop the education of our country. Further when I was the minister of Finance I introduced the insurance scheme to our students and raised the Mahapola scholarship to Rs.5000. Further by providing laptops I enhanced the school education of our country. Hon.Agalaviraj Kariyawasam developed the basic facilities of our school and he modernized nearly 3000 schools. Therefore, always the UNP enhanced the education.

It is true that there are problems but we have to resolve such problems through developing education and education related structures. Actually the development of the country and a deterioration of a country depend on decision related to education. In 1948 when we gain independence the per capita income in Japan and srilanka are almost same, but today the per capita income of Srilanka is 4100 whereas the per capita income of Japan is more than 54,300. Inspite of having all the resources in this country this is the situation existing in this country today. Japan has only human resources. We can easily understand that Japanese reach this development due to their hard labour. We receive many things free of charge that lead to this situation.

Today we are in the cross roads, nearly 3 months before the democracy of our country was threatened. This is the first time that subsequent to the independence of our country that the democracy have been faced a problem by democracy. The people of this country forget about their political affiliations and they united together. The constitutional crisis of this country were resolved by an independent judiciary. We were able to establish the democracy again. We have to forget about our weaknesses and we must work towards the development of our country. We have to create a situation that is conducive to protect the future children of our country. We should not provide everything for free of charge.

Improving the knowledge bring you success. After 71 years all the parties together and brought a new constitution in the parliament. We have to adopt a constitution that serve the interest of the country. It must protect the unitary state of the country and priority should be given to Buddhism and it must in the heart and minds of people. There are some elements still speak radicalism about the constitution. This is an attempt to destroy  the country. L.T.T. E had been eliminated but one of the members of L.T.T.E was made as the vice president of a party. How far it’s correct? It’s merely a joke.

We have to adopt a constitution irrespective of cast, creed, race etc…The constitution must unite all the people living in this country. We must give up radicalism and we must unite together for the well-being of the country.

   Narcotic drugs haven been one of the greatest problems the country facing. The drugs destroy the younger generations of this country. We shouldn’t merely arrest 1 or 2 persons who are involved in drug dealings. We must completely eliminate the drugs. What we request to the police in their attempt to eliminate drugs, they shouldn’t fear the political interference. We have to act according to the law, we must divulge a programme that completely eliminate the drugs. It is very unfortunate that some politicians involve in drug trafficking. We must completely overcome this situation. After 71 years we have to create a prosperous country.