May the path to the future of glamour and glory be revealed…..
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I am extremely pleased to add my heartfelt best wishes to a new year, the first of the years to be dawned under the new regime of pleasure and success, risen by the strength of the people, ending a dark age of trouble and disappointment.

I wish to declare firmly that our government under the UNP regime created by your own strengths and aspirations has all the will and the strength to blow off the dark clouds of uncertainty in your mind by the fresh winds of certainty and success.

We commit ourselves to your service as the agent of the public to preserve the trust you have kept upon us in achieving your aspirations for a future of success and glory.

I, as the Minister of Power and Enterprise, am committed to work in tireless effort to enlighten the lives of people by electricity and to fulfil the public aspirations of electricity in quality and reliability.

I add my best wishes for a year not only of illuminating the entire country and the lives of our people by electricity but also for a year of departure from the pain and despair.  May this year be the year of embracing the path to freedom, development, and success.

Ravi Karunanayake
Minister of Power, Energy and Enterprise Development.