“Necessary steps will be taken to maintain Norachchola Coal Power Station in an environment friendly manner in future under complete supervision of Central Environment Authority considering its national requirement…..”
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Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power & Renewable Energy

Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy said that necessary steps would be taken to maintain in an environment friendly manner and supervise this Norachchola Coal Power Station which makes a vast contribution to fulfill an energy demand of the country, under the Central Environment Authority where adverse impacts and difficulties caused to people and environment thereby can be mitigated, as it is a national requirement.

The Minister gave this statement while participating at a special discussion held yesterday (14) evening in the Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy under the instructions given by His Excellency the President to discuss on the adverse impacts causing to the people in the vicinity of Norachchola Coal Power Station and its surrounding environment.

Central Environment Authority expressed its sincere thanks to the Subject Minister for taken steps already to implement most of the actions which should be taken to avoid the adverse impacts caused to the environment due to ash which is released from Norachchola Power Station.

The Subject Minister said that necessary arrangements would be made upon the recommendations of Central Environment Authority to follow up an environment conservation method to maintain Norachchola Coal Power Station in an environment friendly manner in future. Accordingly, the Subject Minister further indicated that wind guards will be used in future, the ash released from the Power Station will be kept under cover at all the times, and the most high quality coal will be exhausted. The Minister further stated that suitable wind guards are to be installed 22nd of this month.

The State Minister of Power & Renewable Energy Hon. Ajith P. Perera, and the Ministry Secretary Dr. B.M.S. Battagoda, Western Province Chief Minister Dharmasena Dasanayake, and the senior officials from Central Environment Authority, Sri Lanka Coal Company and Norachchola Coal Power Station also participated in this event.