‘We have a big challenge which is to increase direct tax and reduce indirect tax…..’
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Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy

‘Today, we have 4 hundred thousands of direct tax files in our country. However, according to the per capita-income of our country, there must be around 1.5 million of direct tax files. But, it is not so. The reason is recovery, flexibility, transparency and less belief on it. Therefore, it is very important for a country to carry out awareness programs. As a country, what a big challenge we have is to increase direct tax and reduce indirect tax” said Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Power and Renewable Energy.

The Minister expressed this at the time where he participated in a ceremony held yester in Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Kegalle.

The Minister, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further adding….
‘This tax is an unpleasant term by an entrepreneur. But, we should make this unpleasant term into a pleasant term. The people who gather here in this Chamber of Commerce today are the ones who take many challenges in the world. I hope that among these people who would take this message about tax into society but also every such message which is very important to the society. According to economics theory, the world will move on 4 basic factors. They are land, labor, capital and enterprisers. Among these, the enterprisers will bear more risks. The enterprisers are the ones who give something to the world organizing all these land, labor and capital in an appropriate way. It may be a goods, substance or a service. The enterprisers bear risk on behalf the men. If such enterprisers do not bear such risk, the world will stop at a point without moving’ said.