‘We have already used water to a maximum extent to generate power….’
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Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy

‘Today I make this effort to perform one action and achieve two goals. I am trying not only to provide power to the location where there is no electricity, but beyond that. We are trying to make this school as a power station from today onwards. This is a very useful initiative for our country. Today, in our country, it is hard to find any residence which does not have electricity. In India, per day, a 06 hour power cut is implemented and in Pakistan it is 5 ½ hour per day. However, we can proudly say that we have been able to make Sri Lanka as only a country in South Asian Region which provided 100% electricity, and now is supplying such electricity for 24 hours without interruption. Like this, there must be a very effective and useful power generation system to make the power supply effective. That is the reason why I initiated “Sooryabala Sangramaya” and “wind power operation. Likewise, now we have used water to a maximum extent to generate power’ said Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Power and Renewable Energy.  

The Minister gave this statement when he participated at the event of handing over the solar power system to Kegalle Sri Saman Vidyalaya which took place today (02).

The Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further added….,
‘Now what we are trying to do is to utilize the renewable energy source for power generation which requires minimum cost next to water. They are the solar power and the wind power. Sooryabala Sangramaya is advantageous and useful for everyone. It is also beneficial one. Everyone can obtain solar power system. If no money for that purpose, bank loan will be provided. If people feel accessing banks is difficulty, such people can rent out their roofs to install solar power systems, and thereby they can generate a good income. This will pay a way for people to generate income, in the meantime, as a politician what I am doing is my duty and responsibility towards my people. People of Kegalle have elected and sent me to Parliament consecutively for 18 years. Therefore, in gratitude for them, it is my aspiration to make every roof of every house in Kegalle District as a power generating unit’ said.