‘I expect double benefits in a single action…’
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Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy

‘In average, demand for electricity increases by 10% every year. Due to acute heat in these days, the electricity demand has further increased this year. It is necessary to move forward to a system of power generation where can meet the increasing demand of electricity in a due care in order to provide light, and not only for that but also to control heat condition. It is true that by moving into such power generation system, the electricity bill will come down and thereby benefits reach the nation. I have initiated ‘Sooryabala Sangramaya’ in order to get double benefits in a single action’ said Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, Minister of Power and Renewable Energy.

The Minister gave this statement today (03) in an opening ceremony of giving the Solar Power System under the hands of Rambukkana Pinnawela Maha Vidyalaya in which he participated.

Minister Siyambalapitiya further added:-
‘Last month, we came to know that 2611MW stood as electricity demand which was the highest one recorded during the last month. We should technically fulfil the annually increasing electricity demand as well as such demand which increases in terms of environmental conditions. We have already used water as a major resource in power generation. Now, 40% in overall power generation is generated from hydropower.  In addition to this, diesel and coal power are used for power generation. Through the use of these resources, air pollution is taking place, and not only that but also bulk sum of money is flowing into foreign countries.  We must move forward to renewable power sources which require minimum cost where such expenditure of money can be reduced. That is the reason why I initiated “Sooryabala Sangramaya” and “wind power operation”. When I assumed my portfolio as the subject minister, 276,000 of people had no access to electricity. I looked for the hardships in access of electricity by them and gave solutions. Therefore, we can proudly say that we have been able to make Sri Lanka as only a country in South Asian Region which provided 100% electricity catering to its demand, and now is supplying such electricity for 24 hours without any interruption”.