“Sustainable Energy Authority is prepared to use every solar x-ray and every drop of water without wasting…”  “My congratulation to new State Minister of Power and Renewable Energy…”
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Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy

“So far, Sustainable Energy Authority is being maintained in the third party’s buildings. This Authority is to be shifted to a permanent building and thereby its functions will be regularized. This building is a special structure. Sustainable Energy Authority will move to an environment friendly constructed building. This is an environment friendly structure. Sustainable Energy Authority is prepared to use every solar x-ray and every drop of water without wasting. That is very important. People have kept faith on this Authority. Therefore, Sustainable Energy Authority should function as a role player in a manner where such faith kept by people upon the Authority is protected. Further, there is a special feature that is that, today is the first event where the State Minister of Power and Energy, Hon. Ajith Perera participates after his promotion into his new portfolio. He will be blessed by everyone at this moment”, the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said.

The Minister pointed out this while he was attending the event of laying foundation stone to the environment friendly building which is proposed to construct for Sustainable Energy Authority. It has been estimated that this new building will be constructed at the cost of 550 million rupees.

Further, Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya stated….

“I find the Sustainable Energy Authority Act as a very constructive Act among the other existing laws in Sri Lanka. I have not come across to such a constructive and comprehensive Act. Provisions are available in this said Act to undertake many things related to this sector and its progress. I implore for blessing to have many creative activities being at this building. Most of the time, if we start a work to do that would take a long and long period of time to complete it.  However, what is a special feature regarding this building is such building was being able to complete within a short period of particular time. Hence, it has been scheduled to complete construction work of this building by the month of December of this year”