Providing a Package of Sola Power System to Places of Worship and Government Institutions in order to Introduce Solar Power Generation within the Society…
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Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy

“Power generation through solar power is very useful to country and environment and even to people individually. Making one million of house premises as power producing units through solar power system is the main aim of us. This concept of power generation though solar power is the best and the foremost useful concept. However, people are not thinking much about this. One matter generally attracted would not take much time to get socialized. But, unfortunately useless petty things are quickly getting into socialization. However, making this type of concept into socialization is a very hard struggle. Therefore, steps will be taken to make each and every house enabling to become as power generating unit and as well as to make the people aware through provision of solar power packages to all places of worship and in particular to government institutions. Today, we have provided all Divisional Secretariat Offices in District of Kegalle with solar power packages. From today onwards, the electricity bills of these offices would become zero, not only that but also all houses in Sri Lanka become rapidly as power generating units by bringing the concept of generation of solar power even among the staff working in such offices” the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Hon. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, pointed out.
The Minister, who participated at the event of distribution of the said solar power packages to all Divisional Secretariat Offices in Kegalle District which took place in last couple of days, stated this.
The Minister, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further expressed his views as follows:
“Today, we are making a valuable concept known as Sooriyabala Sangramaya into socialization.  40% of electricity in our country is coming from hydropower.  However, an up and down condition has been in rainfall for 03 years and amidst we would take initiatives to create artificial rains for water catchment areas. Thailand is the only country which has patron rights certificate to create such artificial rains. From 1950s, the artificial rain system has been in practice in that country. This artificial rain system which does not allow the clouds in the sky to disappear would be helpful to make rains in any wanted places for us. ‘Sooriyabala Sangramaya’ is also that of activity. We have started this Sooriyabala Sangramaya Scheme to generate electricity from each solar x-ray in order to get maximum use out of solar power source. Ceylon Electricity Board has agreed to pay a Rs. 22.00 for a unit of electricity generated at a house through this solar power system. This is a good amount of payment. If this price of offer is given to private sector electricity producers, such parties will be in line”.