Roofs of all government institutions will be made with solar power facilities ….
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“Sooryabala Sangramaya is a project which is being implemented in these days. My attempt is to make roofs of 1 million houses with solar power facilities. We have applied many tactics to encourage all towards this initiative. All Buddhist temples were provided with solar facilities. I have obtained cabinet approval through last budget to make roofs of all government institutes with solar power facilities. Within another 2 months of time, we would make the roof of St. Joseph Convent with such solar power facilities” said the Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

The Minister said this, while participating at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Technical Laboratory of Kegalle St. Joseph Convent.

Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further added….

“When compared to other Asian Region countries, our country’s literacy level is very high. We have a problem. Today, there is a gap between education and needs of the country. We have provided job opportunities for one hundred thousand graduates. Today there are equal number of graduates as which stood 5 years ago. To prevail these things, there must be a big gap between education and country’s needs. There is no rule that all sectors of education should ultimately end with employments. If it is so, the world would not move towards. There must be multi-sectors like arts and orations. If there is a sector of education with job opportunities for all, this existing benefit would not come. Many countries of the world have elevated their educational status to the required standard. There is no need of waiting for jobs in queue and no need to form associations of un-employed graduates. We have to move our children towards technology which is the only fact that should be done in our country. This is a good possible decision which was taken in those days. This is not a simple task. This is a task which should be jointly done by all of us by changing government policy. This has become as an initiative to draw attraction of famous schools and as well as to provide technology for the children and the country. Technical laboratory facilities are given to the schools which are not famous. Law cannot be changed. Two aspirations are here. One is to impart technology and another is to find solution for hard competition prevailing in the country”.

Ranjith Siyambalapitiya

Minister of Power and Renewable Energy