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“Many people particularly in these days are talking whether there might be a power cut, it is prepared to go for a power cut or rehearsal for it. We have faced big challenges. In fact, particularly, today daily power demand has gone exceeding 44 Gwh. When we compare the situation with previous year, in these days, demand for electricity stands at 40 Gwh. When we see in this line, electricity demand shows a 10% increase due to this drought climate.    Our water capacity to generate electricity has come down to 36%. Water capacity in certain reservoirs shows 20% which is in lower level. A power plant with capacity of 300 MW power generation in our major Nuraichchola coal power station has been stopped for repairs. In the meantime, another plant with capacity of 60 MW power generation in Sojistice power station of private sector also has been stopped for its repairs. Amidst, all types of these challenges, if hydro power comes down, particularly we may happen to operate even all coal power stations. We had a discussion in this regard with government and as well as the public. We have calculated that we may happen to spend lump sum of money of 51 billion, if this drought condition continues within the first 6 months in 2017. We are happy in one way as we were able to reduce the estimated 52 billion up to 38 billion within the said first 6-month period. We could be able to reach this status because of our special management, special methods, good decision making in all the times and competitive procurement etc. We even in future expect to face such challenges and with the assistance of the Treasury and the Government, try to avoid power cut or increase of electricity bill” said the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy.