Water level of reservoirs decreases which is a challenge for hydro power……
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If we think in a simple way, energy management means meeting high demand with scarcity of resources. If we treat it in terms of power, it is very important. Every morning, I use to read water level of reservoirs belonging to our Electricity Board. Every morning I just sit and read the report regarding water level. Now flood is over and flood relief is being estimated. On the other hand, our reservoirs maintain only 36.4% of water level. Water levels of Victoria and Randenigala reservoirs are very low. Reason for this situation is as no rain. I have brought this matter into the notice of the Cabinet of Ministers. We all should just think how much we have to disburse our money if this situation prevails like in February” said the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy.

The Minister said this, while participating at the annual meeting of the Energy Managers’ Association which was held today (28) at Bandaranayke Memorial International Conference Hall.

Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further added…..
“100% of electricity has been provided in this country. We are not going to implement a power cut at least for a second. In last couple of 2 days, my mind suggested to implement a power cut at least for 2 hours during peak time. Why I thought in such a way is that there was a diesel related issue.  However, we could be able to meet the entire demand in the country without any problem. I made the Cabinet of Ministers aware how we have to disburse funds in order to maintain uninterrupted power supply. We averagely calculated that 52 billion fund is needed to disburse. Fortunately, we received a little amount from Castlerea and therefore we could be able to reduce such amount up to 38 billion. The Cabinet of Ministers has promised me to help. But it is a right era when we all have to think how we can meet our country’s demand with scarcity of resources. Therefore, your guidance, vision etc. are very important for us. As so, conference, team and organization in this nature are important for our country’s future”.

Ranjith Siyambalapitiya

Minister of Power and Renewable Energy