Services of CEB officers dedicated for supply amidst recent disaster period commended…
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Certificates from Minister…
In commemoration of Employee Day of Ceylon Electricity Board, a function was held yesterday (29) morning at CEB Head Office. At this occasion, certificate award ceremony in appreciation of services of CEB employees rendered with utmost dedication in order to maintain uninterrupted power supply for electricity consumers during the recent disasters was headed by the Minister, Hon. Siyabalapitiya.
Hon. Minister further added.
“Any issue could be viewed from many angels. When scrutinized so, same issue could be seen in various ways. It is a bottleneck to the future of an institute. As such, any issue to be viewed as an institute in one single corner. In every issue, it does not bring 100% benefits to any party at all the time. But, we as an institute must always try to find answers to questions collectively. Issues in a country, in an office or at a home everything should be resolved collectively”.
Further commenting, Hon. Siyabalapitiya said that …….
“Today is employee day. I personally feel that every day of CEB is an employee day. If we do not command this lot of 22,000 employees there would not stand Electricity Board on earth. It is to reinforce our journey further. President had declared a special day like this. President had thought to set a date for appreciating, encouraging and looking into grievances of employees. Today we appreciated and encouraged these employees and next their grievances to be looked into. We all have grievances but some of them do not end with solutions. But bringing that sort of grievances into the notice of superiors thereby mental relief would come. Services rendered by CEB during recent natural disasters was a good talk by people. Even politicians appreciated the services which the CEB rendered in such a time. This appreciation goes from collective process involving in very top level of DGM down to trainees. Success could be achieved with team sprit for the people, consumers and for good name of the Board. This collective responsibility is very important to any institute for its success. We have to resolve current issue by collectively in this nature”.