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Hon. Ranjith Siyabalapitiya, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy

“Yesterday I was challenged by a comrade that electricity bill would not be increased. He might have been under mindset that I could not be able give direct answer as I am facing a chain of challenges. “Yes, I am not reluctant to respond as he expected. we would definitely find out solutions to dash out any challenges which come in my way. Anyway, as the Minister in-charge I announce that electricity bill never goes up” stated Hon. Ranjith Siyabalapitiya, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy.

Minister added this comment today (29) morning by participating as chief guest of Kegalle District School Volleyball tournament held in Rajasinghe College of Ruwanwella.

Hon. Minister Siyabalapitiya further added.

” We have got this less rainfall after 30 years of time. Though country experiences some rains, still North East inter monsoonal rains had not set. Due to that, total water level for electricity generation had reduced to 48%. On other years, it remains at 70%.  As such diesel and coal are used as potential power sources. By month of May, Rs. 33
billion had been to spent for that, In addition, we have to face internal conflicts together with many issues such as trade unions. I discussed all these matters with Cabinet of Ministers and who instructed me in return how to react without increasing electricity bill. We have found the ways to face challenges and to find remedies for them. So, I request these children to face challenges, find answers, bring credit to country, be healthy through sports and at the top be patient to bear both triumph and defeat”.