Sri Lanka applauded by SAARC Secretary General as only country in region with 24 power supply…
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Mr. H. F. Amjad Hussain B Sial, Secretary General of the SAARC Regional Solidarity Summit stated that Sri Lanka is the only country which has a capacity of providing 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and supply to almost 100% among SAARC countries for which he wished to be appraised. He made those references at the bilateral official discussion held yesterday afternoon (13) with Hon. Hon. Ranjith Siyabalapitiya, Minister of Power & Renewable Energy at his ministry.
At this meeting, further discussions were held with SAARC Secretary General and the Minister of Power & Renewable Energy on empowering and improving Power solidarity with countries in SAARC region and Secretary General requested Hon. Minister to take up the leading role in regional solidarity.

The Secretary General stated that power authorities of other countries in the region would be educated on renewable power sources used in this country as a step towards consolidating diplomatic ties exist among SAARC countries and take necessary steps to follow such strategies. As well, the Secretary General dealt at length with Minister in charge on power conservation strategies being used locally as a fix for power crisis.

In addition to the subjective matters, Secretary General further discussed on consolidating mutual friendship with other countries in the region and assured to extend his fullest support for renewable power base of this country and empowering goodwill among other lands. Hon. Minister paid gratitude to SAARC member countries for the support given by SAARC region for economic up-lift of this country by empowering power sector of Sri Lanka in the past. As a mark of gesture of this meeting, memento was exchanged.

Representatives of SAARC regional solidarity summit, W.B. Ganegala, Chairman Ceylon Electricity Board and Mr. Janath Fernando, private Secretary to Minister of Power & Renewable Energy also took part at this occasion.