Restoring Electrical Service after a Flood
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Domestic Electrical system restoring process after a flood

To protect consumers and equipment, CEB disconnect power supply when flooding occurs.

Restoration of power supply also done when CEB confirmed that there will be no threat from electricity leakages.

Restoration of the electricity meters and other equipment own by CEB done by the Electricity board before the electricity supply is being provided.

Even when electricity service is being restored, households have to practice the following process before using electricity in their premises.

  1. Disconnect the main switch and Fuses/MCBs as soon as possible when able to access to the house.

  2. Allow walls, wires and connections to dry out for few days as it had been soaked in water.

  3. Even though the power had been restored, refrain from using it before house being drying out properly.

  4. It is safe if all the plugs and switches can be cleaned and dried out by a person who has knowledge on electricity devices.

  5. After getting confirmed the house is dry, turn on the main switch while all other sub circuits (Fuse/ MCB) are being disconnected.

  6. By pushing its test button, confirm whether the trip switch is functioning.

  7. If it is not working, get that checked by an electrical technician and replace it with a new trip switch if needed.

  8. When trip switch is fully functional, turn on each sub circuit by its Fuse/ MCB and confirm each circuit is working properly.

  9. While each circuit is being switching on, if there is any leakage the trip switch will operate (getting ‘tripped’). At that time, disconnect that particular circuit and check other circuits one by one.

  10. Find faults of sub circuits and rectify them with the help of an electrical technician.