2617 electricity thieves nabbed in 2016 With minister’s instructions
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  • Raid income exceeds Rs.132 millions

Special investigation unit of Ceylon Electricity Board with the instructions of Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya was able to nab 2617 people who had taken electricity illegally across the country. The special investigations unit of CEB was able to collect a total sum of Rs. 132,047,949.41 through raids it had conducted during the year 2016 alone. Rs. 14,204,500.00 had collected as court fines, and Rs. 117,843,449.41had received to recover the losses to the CEB.

Out of the cases that obtained electricity illegally, 2105 cases were by way of altering the electricity meters and 512 were using hooks to obtain electricity illegally.

By now, the government is able to provide electricity for 98% of the total population. The intention of the subject minister and the ministry is to regard electricity as a legal right for every citizen. Amid existing drought situation and high oil prices government is able to provide electricity without any interruption. With that situation these illegal electricity tappers creates a huge economic loss to the CEB and it is necessary to strengthen the investigation unit. The minister said that he is dedicated to provide assistance to the legal proceedings taken by CEB.

The Minister openly urged the law abiding citizens to report such fraudulent activities (meter tampering and using hooks) to the special investigations unit on telephone no. 0112422259. The short code telephone number of CEB 1901 and 1987 also can be used complain such activities and the minister requested to consider it as a duty of citizen towards the nation.