Sri Lanka to achieve 100% electrification of households by 31st December 2016
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Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) is a commercial entity. But we carried out the national Electrification campaign “Ratama Eliyai, Adura Duralai” (A brighter country – banishing darkness) as a huminitarian operation or as a social responsibility project without any business interest.It is expected to end-up this nation-wide program on 31st December 2016. We are inviting general public to get benefit from this program that has not got the benefits yet”said Mr.Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and Renewable energy.

The minister said that at a progress review meeting held at the ministry of power and renewable energy regarding the program ““Ratama Eliyai, Adura Duralai”.

“Staff of Electricity Board took their maximum effort towards the success of this program facing numerous challenges. When this program was started, there had been 260,993 houses which had no electricity. Out from them we were able to give electricity to 224,828 by now. The most important thing from this national electrification is the ablity for small children to do their studies through the light through electricity who had been using light from kerosine lamps earlier to study. If we assume that each family had at least two children, altogether there are 500,000 children. They are now using electricity for their studies.We can be happy for dedicating towards a true meaning of social responsibility. Hon. President and the government gave their maximum support and it was strength for us. There are still 19,241 houses which cannot provide electricityat. We are searching solutions to provide electricity for them.Also there had been a segment of people who did not had electricity for 10-15 years even they have easy access to the electricity network. It was happened due to their economic problems and poverty. We paid our attention to those people of that particular social class who actually needed our help” he said.