Battle for solar energy” creates a break for the money box (till) of temples that collect donations for electricity
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Still the temple signifies a leading role among the people of Sri Lanka. Temple is an institution that provides leadership to the people. By providing solar power systems to temples we can educate our people in villages on solar power generation and direct them towards using them. At the same time when there is a solar power system in the temple, there is no requirement to collect money for electricity using money boxes (tills)” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy. The minister said that donating a solar power system to Mangedara Rajamaha Vihara, Ambepussa.

The minister further said,

“These days we are engaging in a huge battle. That is the “battle for solar energy”. We have a big responsibility to produce electricity as much as possible from indigenous sources. Still we produce half of the electricity through coal and fossil fuel. We have to spend a lot of foreign exchange for that. It is a great trouble for a country like Sri Lanka. At the same time we have low cost energy sources which have not much utilized yet. They are water, wind, and solar energy. We can produce electricity through these sources at a low cost without spending much money. Producing energy using solar power is cheaper for our country as a country closer to the equator. We are bit late in this process and doing this battle to cover up that delay. The ultimate target of this battle is to establish one million solar power houses on roofs”.