We were able to make 100% electrification in Ampara District
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  • 11438 houses received electricity under the new government.

  • Indigenous people in Pollebadda will receive lands to cultivate paddy.

“As the minister of electricity, I have three main areas under my purview. Production, transmission and distribution of electricity all over the country are them. Norochcholai power station had stopped suddenly due to a technical issue. But due to the high commitment of the officers from top to bottom positions in the hierarchy, we were able to restore it.

We wanted to provide electricity to each and every house in our country. By the time I was appointed as the minister of electricity there had been 247920 houses without electricity. I was able to provide electricity for 178470 houses out from them. In Ampara district alone there were 11438 houses that had not received electricity by that time.  Today, this house will be provided with electricity to symbolize the completion of the 100% electrification of the Ampara district. Minister of electricity”, said Mr. Ranjith Siyabalaapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy.

The minister expressed these ideas participating at an occasion providing electricity to the leader of the Pollebedda village of indigenous community symbolizing 100% electrification of the Ampara district under the project “Illuminating country- Banishing darkness.”
The minister further said,

“Nowadays it is easier to solve problems than earlier, because of the coalition of the main two political parties. So, today there’s no one to find loopholes of our work as earlier. Now both parties are getting together to provide solutions to the problems of the public. We hope to support to the project that established to provide land for paddy cultivation to the people in Ampara district. We are expecting to re-visit this area to see the people living in prosperity, peace and harmony” he said.