Qualified manpower employees and meter readers of CEB will be absorbed to the  permanent carder from 17 th October
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The first batch of CEB manpower employees (2363) out from 6191 who had completed their basic entry qualifications had been absorbed to the permanent carder on October 2015. They had been working in the casual basis attached to the Ceylon Electricity Board. The remaining set of employees will be absorbed to the permanent carder on 14th October 2016 said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy.

Minister Siyambalapitiya expressing his views,

“It is only one year for the 4th of this month since I have taken this ministry. By that time there were 6191 employees who had been recruited under manpower and contract basis. That number consisted of 4957 employees recruited under manpower and 1234 meter readers who had been recruited under piece rate basis. First we were being able to give permanent appointments to 2363 employees on last October (2015) who had been worked for 180 days from 31st December 2014 and completed their basic qualification.

The balance 2594 Employees who had not completed the required qualifications were attached to Sri Lanka Energies Private Limited, a subsidiary of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). These employees also had been working for a long time in CEB. Therefore we have decided too recruit them to a certain grade of the permanent staff. Then these employees will be able to complete their required qualifications and get promoted as a usual permanent employee at CEB.

Contract basis meter readers who had completed 180 days of service in the CEB by 31st December 2014 also recruited for the permanent service of CEB in the same manner. Manpower employees who have not completed the basic qualifications will be recruited to the permanent carder in the similar manner.

Organizations should do their duties towards their employees. A motivated employee is an asset to an organization and it is an important factor as well. There is no argument on that. Considering all these factors we interfered to the plight of these employees. We are planning to offer these permanent appointments with the patronage of the Hon. President on the 17th October” he said.