Media release regarding the Sampur coal power plant
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Hon. Attorney General has apprised the Supreme Court (SC) that the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy will not construct the proposed coal power plant in Sampur. He said it is the standpoint of the ministry as well as the government.

However it is needed to increase the capacity of electricity generation to meet the requirements of the development process of the country and to cater the increasing demand for electricity. An independent committee comprising specialists had been appointed to report the ministry on the ways to meet the power requirements by studying the power generation mix. The future power plants will be planned and constructed considering the study report of the committee.

As the sole country in the South Asian region which is having a 100% electrification rate, the policy of the government is to ensure 24 hour uninterrupted power supply by adding the capacity to the system by constructing power plants such as coal power plants, liquified natural gas plants, renewable energy plants at the required time with adequate capacity