Interruption of Electricity supply due to the limitation of power generation owing to a break down at the Lakvijaya Coal power plant, Norochcholai
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At the moment, generation of electricity has been limited due to a break down occurred at the Lakvijaya Coal power plant, Norochcholai as a result of a technical breakdown in the transmission lines on 15th October, 2016 at 10.46 A.M.

This situation had limited the electricity generation capacity by 900 MW. However, Ceylon Electricity Board had taken steps to maximize the power generation by utilizing other thermal and hydro power plants. But due to excessive demand, the power supply has to be limit for certain duration to maintain the stability of the system.

Accordingly, a three and half hour power outage will be in effect from 17th – 21st October 2016. A 21/2 hours (two and half hours) power cut will be experienced during the day and one hour power cut in the night time due to the limitation of electricity supply.

Four geographical segments have been demarcated across the country to impose the power cuts. But this schedule will not be applied to the Colombo city limits, Hospitals and Industrial Zones. However at this instance there is a challenge to generate electricity to cater the demand. Hence, we appeal to the electricity consumers to use electricity more efficiently and to reduce consumption. If the demand for electricity can be reduced, the duration of the power cut can be further reduced.

The ministry of power and renewable energy would like to express its deepest regret for the inconvenience face by the public.