CEB to expedites investigations into missing Rs.3 billion EPF money
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  • Some documents regarding the transaction are also missing

  • Legal actions will be taken against the perpetrators without considering their social status.

 Three Billion Rupees of CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board) employee fund had been missing after investing on a private firm. The minister said that he had given instructions to the relevant authorities to expedite the investigations. This issue was disclosed by Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and sustainable energy, participating at a discussion with the representatives of all trade unions.

Minister further said that some of the documents and files containing details of the transaction had been missing. The authorities of CEB had been ordered to conduct an internal investigation on that. The CID and FCID are conducting separate investigations regarding the matter. Minister was confident that perpetrators will be able to findout and unveiled them soon. The minister noted that those involved in this financial mis appropriation would be punished irrespective of their social status. Actions will also be taken to recover the missing money he further added.

The minister also reveled that a separate board of Trustees going be appointed in the future to manage the EPF of CEB employees.