Wind power electricity will be added to the grid at 40% less cost.
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  • Ceylon Electricity Board will not be privatized at any reason.

Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said that he had got the opportunity to get the wind power to the national grid at a cost less than 40% of existing price level. He said that when he had a discussion with the professionals represented 22 trade unions of the CEB. The discussion was held at the ministry of power and renewable energy.

Mr. Siyambalapitiya further said,

“Electricity Board is a national treasure and it will not privatized at any reason. We will take our every decision with the guidance of the power and energy act. We are always taking decisions while protecting the organization. I can assure it with responsibility.

The decision that was taken with regard to the supply of wind power is a historical achievement. We are ready to implement a 20MW wind power generator in Jaffna in the near future. We are always eager to distribute the benefit of this low cost to the public in the” he said.