At the moment 80% of the hydropower reseviors are filled. Hence there will be no more power cuts
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Last year when I was appointed to this ministry, there were many problems that had not been addressed properly. Last March we had to face all of them at once. Electricity generation got lowered due to fewer showers to the catchment areas. Transmission and distribution matters regarding electricity also came up. The demand for electricity went up by about 10%-15% due of the rise in the temperature. We gave short, medium and long term solutions for all those problems and settled them down. Today, we are providing long term solutions to settle them permanently.

When there are no rains, we traditionally make a wow to Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. Two days after making the vow, we received rain. We are using all the possible ways to solve our problems. How do we produce electricity when there is no water in the reservoirs? What s the most suitable source for power generation? What is the power source with minimum environment effect? And above all, what is the most affordable source of power to the consumer? We are trying to find the best solution. At present 80% of the reservoirs are filled. Therefore no power cut will be implemented. Today morning we fulfilled the vow we made” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy.
The minister expressed these ideas participating at a ceremony held to commemorate 100% electrification of the Anuradhapura district. The minister officially declared 100% household electrification status by providing electricity to a house at Medagama village in the Anuradhapura district.

The minister further said,
We have completed 100% electrification of the districts Polonnaruwa, Kegalle, Puttalam and Anuradhapura. Next we expect to complete the Matara district. There are different classes in a society. Those who are active and able to influence the government officials can always solve their problems. But those who are not powerful remains waiting. If we want to develop the country, we have to concern on those people who are not powerful. We are expecting to set a record soon as possible by the provision of 100% household electrification in the South Asian region. It will be a great revolution which improves the living standard of people.
Mr. Anura Wijepala, the chairman of CEB, Mr. N.C.Wickramasekara General Manager of CEB, additional GA and divisional secretary of the area along with a large gathering.