CEB to absorb over 4,000 Manpower and contract basis employees
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Minister of Power and renewable energy Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya emphasized that CEB is ready to absorb 4000 Manpower and contract basis employees to its permanent cadre from 04th September. The minister further said,

“The future of thousands of manpower and contract basis employees was a burning issue to the CEB. President Maithripala Sirisena promised to do a justice for these employees when he comes to power. By that time there were 4956 manpower employees working at CEB. We were able to give permanent appointments to 2367 of them from 17th of December last year. At present, there are about 2594 manpower employees yet to be absorbed. There are also 1400 meter readers working under contract basis. Now we are ready to absorb these meter readers who recruited before 2014 and worked for a specified period at CEB. The occasion will be held with the patronage of the President on the 4th of September. I see this as a solution for the most critical Human Resource problem of CEB.”