“Rivi Aruna” project launched from Kegalle
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Free Solar power generation kits for selected secred places
“All objects which are not created by humankind is the natural environment. We cannot live without our environment. Therefore, we all have a responsibility of protecting the natural environment. Still 50% of our electricity demand fulfills by the renewable energy sources. We must be happy about that. We also have to use the fossil fuels for the balance 50%. When the fossil fuels are being used, a great amount of harmful gases emit to the environment. At the same time a huge foreign exchange we have to spend to import fossil fuels. To save foreign exchange and to protect the environment we have to plan and focus on to use renewable energy sources. As a country located closer to the equator we are getting ample solar rays throughout the year. Now we are planning to generate more and more electricity from solar energy in the future. From this “Rivi Aruna” project that launched today, steps will be taken to provide solar panels free of charge to selected sacred places” said Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy.

Minister Siyambalapitiya expressed his ideas participating at a ceremony held at Sri Suvisuddarama temple, Vaendala, Kegalle in parallel with the world environment day. The project has been organized by the renewable energy authority with the guidance of the ministry of power and renewable energy. It has been planned to provide 2 KW solar power kit for selected sacred places island wide. The renewable energy authority bares a cost of Rs.600, 000 for each solar power kit.
The minister Mr. Siyambalapitiya further said,

“Earlier people could fix a solar power kit in his house and produce electricity for their own consumption. But there was no way to give the excess energy to the CEB and to get some additional payment. But under the projects “Rivi Aruna” and “Net Metering”, people can apply for a loan to install a solar power kit in their houses. Now we are ready to pay a reasonable amount to the excess electricity supplied to the national grid.” he said.
The minister also distributed 1500 valuable plants among the Dhamma School children commemorating the World Environment Day.