CEB nets 223 power pirates in February 2016
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Minister orders to continue Island –wide raids.
More than 9 Million income to CEB
Request to report any such activity on 011-2422259

The emergency raid unit of CEB was able to earn a sum of Rs. 9,005,433.04 (90 Lakhs) from the fines from power pirates and had paid Rs. 975,000.00 as court costs.

According to the records 223 cases of illegal activities had been raided such as changing of meters and using hooks to get electricity. 161 of these incidents relate to making changes to the electricity meter. The balance 62 incidents have been recorded using hooks to steal electricity.

The ministry requests the general public to report such illegal attempts and incidents. If any of such fraud is detected it should inform the T.P 0112422259. Those who were finding guilty for such acts will be punished through court proceedings. Other than the fines the electricity connection will be disconnected permanently and will be blacklisted.