District wise mobile service to solve the problems of electricity consumers
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The ministry of power and energy will be starting a mobile service to solve the problems of electricity consumers. This service is planned to be held district wise on monthly basis. Problems of consumers will be varying across a wide range from replacing damaged or rotted electrical posts to correcting their voltage levels to the required level. All such problems are expected to be addressed by these mobile services. We hope to provide instant, short term and long term solutions to the customer problems through this mobile service.” said Mr.Ranjith Soyambalapitiya, the minister of power and renewable energy.
He explained about this new service at the progress review discussion on the National electrification program of reaching 100% electrification of the country. The discussion was held with the officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board.

Minister Siyambalapitiya further said,

“Accordingly, the first mobile service will be starting on the 18th June from the Puttlam District. The deputy minister, local political authority, secretary to the minister, chairman, general manager and senior officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board will be participating at this mobile service. We are expecting to listen to the problems of the people regarding electricity service and solve those problems at district level in a more efficient manner.

Ceylon Electricity Board is the main institution functioning under the ministry of power and renewable energy. It can be considered as the main infrastructure provider in Sri Lanka. More than 5.5 million houses come under CEB customer base. There are another 0.5 million customers in industry and commercial level catered by CEB. Accordingly, CEB is the major infrastructure provider in the country. On the other hand, electricity supplied by CEB is the most essential infrastructure facility. Most people cannot work today even for a little while without electricity. Therefore the responsibility of providing uninterrupted electricity supply to the people lies on us.” he insisted.