We are planning for low cost and environment friendly power generation solutions
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We must not worry for the people who are getting new electricity connections when the electricity available close to their houses. But we must concern on people who do not getting new electricity connections even though the electricity available close to their houses. That happens because those people cannot afford for electricity. Recently we have started a concessionary loan scheme for them. The funds to help those poor families were received through a loan from Samurdhi Authority.

At present we are continuing all the development activities through the national government. Even though we are in different political views our main objective is to serve people. We don’t need any politics for that purpose. We must work together towards the development of the country. Party politics should not be involved there. When a situation is created to work together we must take advantage of that. Democracy is important to any country as well as any organization. These days we are seeing many protests in many places. People can hold protests as we have established the democracy. But both administrators as well as subordinates have to work knowing their limits.” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the minister of power and renewable energy. The Minister expressed these views participating at the ceremony held to mark 100% electrification in the Kegalle District that was held at Bolapitiya, Deraniyagala.

The Minister Siyambalapitiya further said,
“As the people who value democracy and as the electricity board, we are continuing our work for the benefit of the people. Our scope is not limited for the provisioning of electricity connections only. We are designing and planning to generate low cost and environment friendly electricity until 2030. For the success of these plans we have to make satisfied employees to carry out these tasks. We have absorbed about 2500 casual basis manpower employees to the permanent carder. A committee had been initiated to find solutions to the problem of meter readers. They will also get better solutions as manpower employees.

Many concepts are emerging in politics. Government officials and employees who work in the organizations only have to implement them. Usually there are three responsibilities exercised by the representatives of people. First one is representing the Parliament. They have to participate Parliament sessions without failing. Sometimes the absence of one Member of Parliament will cause for change of the government. The second is to share the joy and sorrow with the people. The third is their responsibility of developing villages with whatever the ministerial portfolio they are holding in. I am one of the ministers who have completed all these three tasks. I am happy about it. There are not even 9 months after I received this portfolio. I can ask any house in the Kegalle district whether they got the electricity. We have already provided 7735 houses with electricity. Today is the day we are supplying electricity to the last house in the district and it symbolize 100% electrification of the Kegalle district” he said.

The deputy minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana, Mr. Dushmantha Mithrapala, Chief UNP organizer of Deraniyagala Mr. Ranjith Polgampola, Chief organizer of the government Mr. Harsha Siyambalapitiya, Former Chairman of the pradesheeya saba Mr. Anura Wijesuriya and the political authority of the area along with many senior officials of the ministry of power and renewable energy and Ceylon Electricity Board participated the event.