A grid substation for the people in the Kegalle District with a cost of Rs.1494 Millions
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As a solution for the voltage drop it is able to establish a grid substation for the benefit of the people in the Kegalle district with a cost of Rupees One Thousand four hundred ninety four Million.” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of power and renewable energy, participating at the foundation stone laying ceremony.
Minister Siyambalapitiya further said,

“According to statistics electricity customers in Sri Lanka in the year 1977 were only ninety six thousand nine (96,009) and by the year 2000 it was increased upto two million one hundred and ninety one thousand three hundred one (2,191,301). In the year 2010 there were four million three hundred fifty two thousand four hundred eighteen (4,352,418). In 2015, there were five million three hundred eighty eight thousand seven hundred fifty two (5,388,752) electricity consumers. This number is expected to increase upto 5.5 million by the time of forthcoming Sinhala-Tamil New Year in the month of April. Together with the commercial establishments the number would be around 6.2 million.

In the Kegalle district alone there are two hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred twenty eight (2, 39,928) customers. In the next few days we hope to provide electricity to another six thousand eight hundred houses. According to the plan by the 07th of February this year we will be able to provide electricity to the smallest and the last shelter of Govala a remote and difficult village of Polgaswatte and complete the task of achieving 100% electrification in the Kegalle District.

While providing electricity to each and every household, CEB has to ensure an efficient service. At present, people are not ready to tolerate any electricity breakdown. Lives of people are that much connects with this facility. None of the other facilities are bonded with our lives that much as electricity.We are now used to consume electricity throughout the day in various ways. Therefore we always need an uninterruped supply of electricity. When providing electricity to 100% of households we have to provide it according to the standards. Thatswhy we are getting ready for that.

Lanka Transformers Ltd is the contractor of this project. It is a subsidiary of the Ceylon Electricity Board. It is also an organization engaging in different projects in different countries. This project has to complete and conect to the national grid as soon as possible. I am thankful to those who have given the plot of land for this substation”.

Many people in the area along with Mr. Harsha Siyambalapitiya, the chief organizer of the ruling party of the Sabaragamuwa provincial council, the General Manager of the Ceylon Electricity Board and many officials participated at the event.