Every house in the Kalutara district will get Electricity before March
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If the political administration, Ministry, Electricity Board, General Public, and estste officials gettogether towards one objective it can easily achieve the 100% electrification in the whole country.

There were about 8000 families who did not have access to electricity in the Polonnaruwa district. By the 12th of January we will be able to provide electricity to all of them and achieve 100% electrification in the Polonnaruwa district. In the Kalutara district also there are about 5000 families who don’t have electricity. If Polonnaruwa district can be covered within 3 months the Kalutara district can be provided with 100% electrification in a lesser time. Therefore we have planned to make 100% electricfication of the Kalutara district by the 28th February. The last segment of the Kaluthara district will be electrified before March. If the political administration, Ministry, Electricity Board, General Public, and estste officials gettogether, it can easily achieve 100% electrification in the whole country before the schedule.” said Mr.Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the minister of Power and Renewable energy.

He expressed these views participating at a meeting at the Kalutara District Secratariet on “Ratama Eliyai, Adura Duralai” (A brighter country – banishing darkness) National Electrification campaign.

Minister Siyambalapitiya further said,

“By this time we have provided 98% houses with electricity and only 2% are remaining. There are a set of people who are not applying to get the electricity even the service is available at a closer vicinity to their houses. They are not doing it as they are having economic hardships. The children of those families like to study using electricity and to watch Television like other children who are having electricity. That’s why we have started this campaign. We also named the campaign by that way. Previous governments made different efforts to provide them electricity. Earlier a loan scheme was introduced from “Samurdhi”. That was only covered up the connection fee. There are people who don’t have financial ability even to wire their houses. That’s why we have decided to give then a loan of Rs. 40,000 this time. This is a very easy loan scheme. There are no conditions such as gurantees and the ownership of the land in this loan scheme.

There are about 8000 houses alone in the Polonnaruwa district without electricity by now. We complete the Polonnaruva district giving electricity to these 800 households. Our president is the initiator of this program. To mark the completion of the electrification a ceremony will be held with the patronage of the President on the 13th of January. Our target is make 100% electrification in the Polonnaruwa district by then.”