LECO recognized its employees with Goldn Tokens
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Recognition is very much important for the job satisfaction of employees. Lanka Electricity Company (LECO) recognized the service of its employees with golden tokens who were serving in the company for over 25 years.
Concurrent to the long service award ceremony, the educational achievements of the children of LECO employees were also felicitated.
This event was held under the patronage of the Minister of Power and Energy Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

“General public of Sri Lanka expects an efficient service from LECO. And they are also willingto know when their electricity bills are coming down. At present, we are making all our effort to reduce the electricity bills while providing an efficient service.
LECO helps us in this endeavor by developing and maintaining the electricity infrastructure facility of several urban areas. We will be thankful to LECO for their support.” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the minister of power and renewable energy.
The minister further said,

Today, we witness the success of LECO serving more than five hundred thousand customers residing in a densely populated area. They are providing this great service with its committed employees exceeding little more than fifteen hundred. During the year 2014, LECO had earned a profit exceeding 1500 million Rupees. It shows early signs of the company’s bright future.

Earlier the electricity was distributed under the administration of local governments. But their service was not efficient.Thats why this company had been established initially to distribute electricity covering several coastal areas.
Nowadays, electricity considered as an essential facility as well as a commodity. To provide the service expected by the customers the provider should be efficient. When breakdown of electricity occurs, the service has to restore early as possible. At the same time when answering to phone calls of customers the customer care agents have to speak politely and positively. LECO is in a better position in that aspect. Other than that customers always expect a human touch along with the efficient service. LECO is managing to provide thir service on par with the modern day requirements. Therefore complains are minimal on the service of LECO.

Many people were panicked when LECO was established as a private entity. We are a community that easily gets panic even for a small thing. Those days when LECO was called as a private entity people were panicked. The company was named as Lanka Electricity Company Private Limited as it was registered under the private limited act. Today I feel that the panic was in vain when seeing the service provide by this organization.

The same experience can be compare with the panic today with the budget proposals. When listening to comments of some people I doubt whether their panic on the budget proposals has any basis. The most necessary thing to avoid panic is the proper understanding. Parliament hold debates to give more understanding to members of the Parliament as well as the general public. But most of these debates are being done with a partial view.

Even though I myself and the deputy minister appointed from two parties, the views and ideas of us are mostly the same. Another alarming problem today is with the female workers who are going abroad. We have to start a dialogue with regard to this issue.
Mr. Ajith P. Perera the deputy minister of power and energy, Mr. Anura Wijepala the Chairman of Ceylon Electricity Board, Chairman of the Lanka Electricity Company participated this event along with many officials, employees and children of employees who have excelled in their studies.