Severe Punishments for those who violate Atomic Energy Act
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Citizens of Sri Lanka are facing many problems due to radiation. Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka paid its attention to this issue and will be introducing a new license from 1st of January 2016 to make Sri Lanka free from hazardous radiations.

Further the Authority is going to take stringent actions against those flouting the Radiation Act, by creating awareness among relevant sections and authorities.” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the Minsiter of Power and Renewable energy. He made these comments while undertaking an inspection tour at the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commision recently.

He further added that,

“Sri Lanka is currently employing the Radiation act which was passed in 1st of January this year (2015). Eventhough this act is being used in the country, the present environment of this country is not conducive for living as it is not free from radiations. The current act is not comprehensive enough to make the country free from hazardous radiations. The Minsitry will pay its attention to this matter and will going to issue a new permit through the Atomic Energy Authority from January next year (2016). For this reason it has been decided to examine all imported items including food and milk powder and to carry out stringent inspections to verify the country is free of radioactive contamination. From that step it is expected to ensure a totally radiation free Sri Lanka, through the assistance from the Atomic energy Authority and Atomic energy regulatory commission.” the minister said.

Mr.Ajith P.Perera the Deputy Minister of Power and renewable energy, the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority and senior officials participated in the occasion.