Final hydropower electricity project at Dehiowita
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Proposed hydroelectric power station at Dehoiowita Cost of construction 60 Million US Dollars
Hydropower is one of the cheapest sources of electricity generation. But at present in Sri Lanka almost all the large scale hydro power sources have been utilizd for the generation of electricity. We are expecting to put up the final large scale hydropower station in Dehiowita area. Our intention is to add up another 20MW to the national grid by this project said Mr.Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the minister of power and renewable energy.
The minister expressed his views in an observation tour to proposed site for the plant – Seethawaka River hydro power station. According to the estimats the project would cost of US$ 60 million and it is expected to add up 20 MW to the national grid.
Seethawaka Ganga which is a tributary of the Kelani River was identified as having a potential of around 30 megawatt and surveys were commenced by end of 2013. According to the study the project will be developed as a mini-hydro plant. A 42 meter dam will be constructed across the Seethawaka River at Dambakotuwa area in Hingurala Kanda under this project. The water stream will be directed to the power plant which will be built 1,470 meters beneath the dam.

Parallel to the project Infrastructure facilities in the area are to be developed. A 27-meter bridge connecting Dangampola and Hingurala Kanda villages is to be built over the Seethawaka River in this regard. The road network in the area is also to be developed under this project.

The Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ranjith Siyambalapitiya further said,
“We have planned to provide uninterrupted and quality power supply for the every household in Sri Lanka.To achieve that objective we need more energy to cater the demand. From this project, we are expecting to generate 20 MW. Initially we have to spend 60 Million US Dollars for this project. Eventhough our main objective is to generate electricity through hydro power the project would also help to develop the area by different means. A bridge connecting Dangampala and Hinguralakanda was a dream of the people of this area from long ago. We are ready to fulfill their dream with this project. Also many people in the area had lost their land for flooding due to a rockslide in the upstream of the river. Also this project will provide solutions to some difficulties faced by the people of that area at present.

According to the present energy policy of Sri Lanka it is necessary to maintain the cost of electricity generation at the minimum lvel with the daily increasing demand for electricity. The best source availabe here for that purpose is the hydro power. But by this time almost all the hydro resources in Sri Lanka had been utilized for power generation.Provincional and environmental approval had been already granted to continue this project minimizing the environmental damage to a minimum level. It is also expected to improve the infrastructure of the area and to provide direct and indirect employment opportinities for the people. Minister Siyambalapitiya says these initiatives will help to uplift the living standards of the people in the area as well.
Minister Siyambalapitiya and a group of senior officials of the Ceylon Electricity Board including the Chairman of Mr.Anura Wijepala accompanied the observation tour to the proposed site for the plant.