CEB is the premium buyer in Sri Lanka
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The cost of the coal and diesel incurred in electricity generation is ¼ of the total expenditure for imports and ½ of the total export revenue of Sri Lanka. Therefore, we Ceylon Electricity Board have become the top buyer in this country. It is a great challenge for us to do these purchases in a systamatic way and to minimize the expenditure. I am going to make a special statement in the Parliament about a method to minimize the cost and maximize the benefit to the population.” said Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the minister of power and renewable energy. He said that at handing over ceremony of the electricity extension of the Pol Athu layma of Thaligama, Yatiyanthota that helps to provide electricity to many households those were not having electricity at present.

The Minister further said, “As the subject minister the new project had been started by us to provide electricity for those who are not having electricity. We must be proud about the household electrification rate of 98% in Sri Lanka as a country in the Asian region that had suffered from a war for the past 30 years. Sri Lanka is the only country that is providing electricity infrastructure to this level in the region. There are another 2% to develop the infrastructure closer to those households. Yet, another 1, 75,000 households are there who have not taken electricity eventhough the electricity infrastructure available closer to their houses. To encourage them to get the electricity we have decided to provide a financial assistance of Rs. 40,000 with Samurdhi Authority for low income people. There are another 50,000 houses with no infrastructure closer to their houses. We have to expand the network to reach them. We’ll do that also in the next two months where we are planning provide electricity to about 2, 25,000 households. From that project we are mainly expecting to provide some relief to about 400,000-500,000 school children those who are still studying using the light of kerosine lamps.

His Excellency President Mr.Maithreepala Sirisena is giving the leadership for this great effort of making households 100% electrification. Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe, the Prime Minister also extending his support for these efforts. We have also paid our attention on generating electricity to match with the future demand. As a step, we are ready to build a 100 MW wind power plant in Mannar area. The Samurdhi fund had decided to provide Rs.17 Billions loan facility that we have earlier borrowed from other financial institutes. While moving along a clear way forward, as the minister I am happy to provide electricity for the people who are living in the Kegalle district to improve their lives.