Everyone’s quality of life can be improved with the appreciation of their skills.
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Scholarship exam of the year five is the first hurdle of education in a child’s life. It is a kind of challnge for them. Therefore it is great to encourage children who passed scholarship exam. From that the future of those children would be more successful. Appreciation of human skills develop the qualityof that person” said Mr.Ranjith Siyambalapitiya the Minister of Power and renewable energy.

He expressed these ideas at a ceremony organized at Warakapola in appreciation of the school children who performed exceptionally well at year 5 scholarship examination.
Minister Siyambalapitiya further said..,

“Education of the children is the most important thing in this era. Children have to learn more and more. They need good schools. Above all, children need love of their parents where the ultimate succes of their lives comes with.

We can identify different eras of human history. In one era, weapons were the most important. Those who could develop better weapons were able to conquer the world.
In another era, mony was the most important. The countries which were having money were able to rule the world. Countries used their financial power to influence other countries. One such example is the wheat flour loan to Sri Lanka.

America provided a loan facility to purchase wheat flour to Sri Lanka.That’s how Sri Lankans get used to consume wheat flour in their day use. That is an example how countries influenced other countries through money. But in the modern society the most important thing above all is the education. Today, every sector of the world can be conquered through education.

Children are the future of our country. Therefore, education of our children is more important. We have to arm our children with education to strengthen and develop the future of the country. Through that we would be able to move forward as individuals and a country and a nation as a whole.” he said.