Ceylon Electricity Board must be dedicated to produce more and more “Wimalasurendras”
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  • The success of an institute depends predominantly on its satisfied workforce.

  • I am feeling proud to address employees who are dedicated towards supplying electricity which is the most sensitive infrastructure facility of this country.

  • New methods have to adopt in the electriciity board which provides maximum efficient service to the customers.

“According to my view, the satisfied employees are the main factor towards the development of the country. Instituttions move forward achieving their objectives with satisfied employees.Therefore, I expect to carryout the duties in this sector treating employees as my brothers and sisters.The greatest asset that we have in this organization is our human capital. Among our human resource, there may be more “Wimalasurendras” who have the potential to contribute to the development of our country in innovative ways. We are inviting them to come forward. We have to identify the potential employees and take them forward and develop this institution through their support.” said Mr.Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, the mininster of electricity and renewable energy.
He made these comments participating at the “D.J.Wimalasurendra” commorating ceremony. In parrel with the occasion the minister made an observation visit after resuming the duties of the ministerial portfolio as the minister of power and renewable energy. The deputy minister of Power and Renewable Energy Mr.Ajith P. Perera also participated the event.

Minister Mr.Siyambalapitiya further stated,

“Gratitude is a quality of gentlemen. Therefore is vital to inculcate the habit of paying gratitude in us. We must be thankful to Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka for implementing this concept of gratitude in the Ceylon Electricity Board.There is no economical return that CEB could gain through these events. In our society, usually people are not paying gratitude if they are not getting anything in return.The society is like that. On the 8th of January this year I was the minister of Telecommunication. After the 8th of January I was just a MP. Now again I am a cabinet minister. When such changes occure the behaviour of people towared a person also changes. The concept of paying gratitude is becoming more and more important in such instances.

Mr. D.J. Wimalasurendra had forwarded a report to the Engineers’ association in 1918 on hydropower generation. The work of Lakshapana power station commenced in 1950. Mr. Wimalasurendra is a person who provided innovative leadership to the country on the hydro power. Therefore, it is an important task to commomorate such a character.
Hon. President and Prime Minister are having a confidence on me. Thatswhy he had given an institution of a complex nature for me. This is rather a new sector for me. I am proud to address a group of employees who are providing the most sensitive infrastructure facility to the country. And I think it is a fortune of mine.We must implement a system to provide a quality and uninterrupted electricity service. The society expects a high efficiency from the Electricity Board. Hence we must accept that challenge. At the same time we must take measurers to minimize our expenditure. To achieve the goals, it is necessary to have the cooperation and determination of our work force.

Our target is to extend our abilities and skills to the international level.You may have new plans to be implemented but there may have fewer opportunities to communicate them. Usually when new ideas are being expressed to ministers, they accept them but there is no progress afterwards. However I am ready and prepared to convey your ideas to the government and to the cabinet and to create more “Wimalasurendras” out from yourselves.

It is very important to have the cohesion as a group from the minister to the employee who works in the light post of the remote village. So I invite you to start a new era in the electricity sector in Sri Lanka” he said.