Sri Lanka is set to achieve energy self-sufficiency by the year 2020
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Sri Lanka is set to achieve energy self-sufficiency by the year 2020 Wastage of electricity must be minimized.
Demand for electricity can be reduced by 2% through efficient usage.

“As a government we have to fulfil many responsibilities towards developing the country. The development of a coutry would not takeplace without improving the access to the electricity. All the necessary plans have been prepared for the development of this sector untill the year 2025. Now it is the time to implement those plans. At present 98% of the households are provided with electricity. All the required measures had been taken to increase it to 100%. We are dedicated to make Sri Lanka a self sufficient country with electricity by the year 2020.” said Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya assuming duties in his ministerial portfolio.

The occasion was held at the premises of the Power and Renewable Energy ministry. Mr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya assumed duties as the Minister Power and Renewable Energy amidst multi religious observances.

The Minister further said, “In early days when get a Ministerial Portfolio, the veryfirst document receive is the list of the employees to be transferred who supported to other political parties. Now that era is over. Today, the very first document I received was a report on the work that has to be carried out until 2025 in the electricity sector. I am thankful to the former minister, state minister and to the secretary of the ministry for their contribution. Today, all are dedicated to develop the country through the framework of good governance. But this situation is not familiar to the village level still. The new concept of Good Governance through Compromises and Consensus has to extend to the village level too.

Electricity is crucial for the development of the country. Depending on the fossil fuels to generate electricity is a huge set back. Now it is the time to move towards renewable energy sources to generate electricity. The contribution for the generation of electricity from the renewable energy sources should increase up to 50% by the year 2020. At the same time steps have to be taken to minimize the waste of elecricity energy. The waste of electricity which is about 11% in 2015 has to be minimized to 8% by 2020. By minimizing this waste of electricity, the demand can be reduced by 2%.

There are about 20,000 employees working in the Sri Lanka Electricity Board by now. All employees from the ministry secretary to the labourer who provide electricity in a remote village are rendering a greate service towards supplying electricity. I expect the corporation of you who dedicated to provide an efficient, quality and uninterrupted service to electricity customers.” He further added.

The deputy minister of Power and Renewable Energy Mr. Ajith P. Perera, former minister Athavuda Senevirathne, The deputy minister of highways Mr.Dilan Perera and the secretary of the ministry Dr.Suren Batagoda and senior officials of affiliated institutions and a large number of well-wishers participated the occasion.