Mannar bay will become the centre of economy of Sri Lanka in the next 10 years
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When the oil excavations started in the next October, the Mannar basin will gradually become the centre of the economy of Sri Lanka by the next ten years. The Minister of power and energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka said participating at the opening ceremony of the four story office complex of the Deputy General Manager of CEB built in the Old Park road in Jaffna.

The minister further expressing his views said,

“Our plan was to provide electricity for everyone by the year 2018. But we are able to meet that target at the end of this year. At the same time Sri Lanka is the only country in Asia that provide electricity 24 hours throughout the day without any interruption. In the future Jaffna and Puttlan will become powerful stations for wind power.Inthe future additional fuel storage will be constructed in Jaffna. Before finding the oil resources the Norway was a poor country. But after findingout fossil gas Norway developed to one of the richest countries of the world. Now the future of the people of Norway is secure for another three centuries.

But African countries like Nigeria became bad to worse when they found their oil resources.Comparing the situations, people in Sri Lanka have to decide that which state we would achieve. Hence they should select politicians who are doing a proper service to the society. If we look back we can see the past with fights and blood sheds where we lost everything. Therefore, without stepping into that grim past, people have to get a correct and a wise decision to move forward, he said.

The state minister of power and energy Mr.Palitha range Bandara,The governer of the Northen province, Mr.Anura Wijepala ,the chairman of CEB, Mr.Priyantha Goonathilaka DGM (North) of CEB along with many officials of state institutions participated the occasion.