Dr.Abduk Kalam addressed the future leaders of the nation
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“There are two basic economic problems faced by the world at present days. The first one is the poverty where the majority of the 7 billion world human population is at an edge of the poverty line. The other is the low literacy levels. Only 50% of the world population has the opportunity for having literacy. Youth must think about what they can do for these problems. Youth must understand about the influence that they can make if each of them can help to improve the literacy of 5 people.” said Dr. Abdul Kalam, the former President of India.

Dr.Kalam expressed his views addressing school children on the theme “Ignited Minds of the Youth is the Greatest Resource for the Nation” at BCIS, BMICH Colombo on Saturday the 26th June. Dr. Abdul Kalam visited Sri Lanka to participate as the chief guest at a conference “Energy approach towards a knowledge based economy”

Dr Abdul Kalam further said,
“In this beautiful city, in front of a part of the youth population of Sri Lanka I am thinking that what I would mention in my address to you.

In my 83 years of life experience the message I can convey to you is the greatness of friendship. The friends which I met around my age of 17 helped me to develop myself to this extent. At the same time it is necessary to have the influence and association of Mother, Father, teachers and also good books that ignite Minds of the Youth as the Greatest Resource for the Nation.”
Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka,the minister of power and energy, Mr. Batagoda Ministry secretary and the secretary of the state ministry Mr. Herath along with the chairman of the sustainable energy authority Mr. Prabath Galhena participated the event.