Cabinet approval for electricity conservation program in the state sector
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  • A Plan to reduce the consumption of Oil and Electricity by 10% within one year.

  • A competition on energy conservation among state sector employees.

  • A formal method to purchase electric items and vehicles.

At present we are engaging in a process of increasing the supply of energy according to the increasing demand. In the future a formal and mega scale programme will be introduced in order to manage the energy demand. Minister of power and energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka said in a meeting held at the Temple Trees which is organized to educate District Secretaries on conservation of the energy.

The cabinet has granted approval to carryout energy conservation projects in the public sector to save oil and electricity for the benefit of future. Under the initiative the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Power and Energy had assigned to oversee the program of energy conservation in public institutions countrywide.

Under this initiative the Ministry of Power and Energy aims to cut the energy consumption by ten percent in the public sector. Necessary measures will be taken to purchase fuel efficient, and high efficiency hybrid vehicles for the public sector in the future.The electrical equipments purchase for the public sector will also be make certain to be compatible with the high energy efficiency standards. Plans will be underway to carry out a correct energy audit to identify less energy efficient electric equipment currently using in the public sector and actions will be taken to replace them with new and high energy efficient equipment. The Minister further highlighted that the government servants should set themselves an example to the rest of the public in regard to saving power and energy.

An efficient system will be introduced to educate the elementry family unit and encouraging them to save fuel and electricity that are living in the village by strengthening the government mechanism through Grama Niladhari, Divisional secretary and District seretary. In parallel with this message towards the family unit, it is planned to start an electricity conservation competition with the participation of all the government employees” said the Minister of power and energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The meeting was organized by the Ministry of home affairs and the Sri Lanka authority of sustainable energy. District Secretaries covering up the whole island attended the meeting. Secretary of the ministry of power and energy Dr.Suren Batagoda and the director general of the sustainable enery authority Mr. A.M.R. Padmasiri participated the meeting held at Temple Trees.