A new Electricity Tariff from October
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Minister of power and energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka said “a new electricity tariff system will be introduced from next October.” addressing a ceremony held in the Women Graduates Association Hall in Borella.
The minister further expressing his ideas,

“The main challenge of the Ceylon Electricity Board was to provide electricity to its consumers round the clock. At the moment the target had been successfully achieved. Now there is no more ideas about implementing power cuts.We were able to purchase a unit of electricity at Rs.17 from the “Uthuru Janani” diesel power plant instead of spending Rs.30 per unit as the previous government did by purchasing electricity from other diesel power stations.
Today the accessibility to commercial power had reached to 98% which had been 40% few years before.At present there are 64000 people who are living in houses which are not belonging to them.Eventhough there are some social issues, the new system will be able to accommodate everyone to have electricity.

By today, the Ceylon Electricity Board had become a financilly independent entity. And it is operating profitably. The previous rule offered Rs.3600 millions per year to continue the operations of diesel power plants. A set of racketeers established due to this huge transactions of money. Therefore the electricity board needed to have an independent trade union which is not driven by the agendas of political parties.
From this year it is expected to give priority to fuel oil, coal and gas that are importing from abroad.Tenders will be called from next month and we are trying to utilize the gas deposits in the Mannar Bay to use in Sri Lanka.
From the program “A country for tomorrow” it is expected to save 10% of fuel as well as 10% of electricity in the future. In this situation there is no room for racketeers under any government came into power.” the minister emphasized.
The official website of the CEB Electricity Common Employee Association was launched at this occasion. Working director of the Ceylon Electricity Board Mr. Narendra Goonathilaka along with the president, secretary and office bareres of the Electricity Common Employee Association participated the meeting.