Assistance of Sri Lanka for the expansion of renewable energy in Seychelles
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“Sri Lanka is focused on to the electricity generation through low cost renewable energy sources as a longlasting solution for the energy crisis and by now it has achieved commendable success in implementing the strategy. The government of Seychelles is also looking towards implementing alternatives such as introducing renewable energy sources to face the energy demand of the country. For this endeavour Seychelles is expecting the support from Sri Lanka.” said His. Excellency Waven William the ambassador of Seychelles.

Mr.William made this request at an official discussion with the minister of power and energy Mr.Patali Champika Ranawaka.

The minister said “the ministry had targetted to provide electricity to 100% of the household population of Sri Lanka by the end of 2015. Further, to fulfill the increasing demand for electricity Sri Lanka has moved towards generating electricity through renewable energy with minimal cost instead of depending totally on traditional energy sources.”

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka further emphasized that the government of Sri Lanka extends its fullest support to expand alternative energy sources as a solution for the energy demand in the Seychelles further strengthening the long term bilateral relationships between Sri Lanka and Seychelles.