“A country for tomorrow” School Energy Conservation Programme inaugurated
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The School Energy Conservation Programme, a part of the National Energy Conservation Programme “A country for tomorrow” was inaugurated today. It has been initiated to save fuel and electricity and the main program was launched at the Mahanama College Colombo 4. In parallel with the main ceremony, students of 25 schools Island wide took the National Energy Conservation Oath at 7.45 a.m. in all three languages. The official circular regarding the “Energy Conservation school program” and the establishment of “energy clubs” in schools was due to issue with the assistance of the ministry of Education.

The minister speaking at the ceremony said,
“There is a saying that those who are planning daily go fishing. Those who plan for weeks go to the wild to find food. Those who plan for months saw paddy and those who plan for years go to schools. Since this energy problem is serious and it is prolonged for decades we initiated this program from schools.

We need different energy sources for our day to day living. By today our country as well as the whole world has faced an energy problem. From one side energy is scarce. Oil, coal and gas deposits are expected to finish by four decades by now.Our children will have to live in a world without oil, coal, and gas in another 4 decades. On this new situation the world will tend to standstill. We must prepare our country to face this situation.Thatswhy we are carrying out this energy conservation program.

Carbon emits when burning fossil fuel.This is a reason of increasing trmperature in the atmosphere. Today people on earth have to suffer a lot due to environmental issues.When people are suffering from high temperature at one side; people are dying because of cold in another side of the earth. Flooding in one side while people are dying due to droughts in the other side.In another side people are dying due to severe earthquakes. All these are not natural incidents. Some disasters are happening due to the burning of fossil fuels. Protecting the environment is not merely ptotecting trees. The broad picture behind that has to be understood. It is important to handover the natural environment including the occean, the earth and the atmosphere to our children as we received them from our ancestors.

Through the new program initiated today, by switching off a single light bulb or controlling the energy usage of any other electric applience at your home , you are not only saving money but also you are doing your duty to the environment. It is also a service you offer to humanity as well as towards the world.

As a nation which practice less use of resources, we must also launch this program in our houses and schools. We must dedicate ourselves towards conservating fuel and to create a new meaning to our lives. You all can contribute towards building our future with greenery by contributing to this national effort.” He said.

A large gathering including Teachers and students have participated the event.