We respectfully invite you to take the leadership for energy conservation initiatives
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We invite you who are providing a prestigious and respectable service by protecting country and the nation through suppressing terrorism and crime. This is more prestigious and respectful. This service is important not only to you and me who are living today but also to your children and future generations. We invite you to join hands to contribute to a priceless service by influencing general public towards energy conservation which will benefit both present as well as future generations. We urge you to provide the leadership to conserve energy at your police stations, houses as well as citizens to focus towards the objective, said minister of power and energy Mr. Patali Champika Ranawaka. The minister said that participating at a program launched to make the attention of all the state entities to conserve energy. Police Officers of the Colombo district were targeted for this awareness program on conservation of energy which was held on 29th May at the DIG office of Colomo division.
Minister further expressing his views,
“Today there are many armed conflicts across the globe. But when we compare the present situation with the world history, this period is more peaceful. At present, there 26 conflicts in the world which severely affect civilian lives. Out from these 26 conflicts 24 are having direct linkages with energy. These armed conflicts are happening in countries where there are resources such as oil, gas and coal.In otherwords energy is something which can initiate and encourage armed conflicts. Presently there is a severe competition in the world to capture the energy sources.Therefore, power and energy is a sector which is carefully entered into.General public of the countries are the most affected from these conflicts. People like you who are dedicated to maintain the law and order are the people who have to face such situations at the end of the day”. He said.

Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police and Police offiecers representing all the police stations participated at this occasion.