School Children of the country will take the National Energy Conservation Oath tomorrow 7.45 in the morning
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National Energy Conservation programme inauguration at the Mahanama College
Formalization of School Curriculum on Energy Conservation and formation of Energy Clubs
Ministry of Power and energy announced that, another important phase of the National Energy Conservation Programme “A country for tomorrow” will be held tomorrow. The program was initiated with the objective of saving fuel and electricity at the national level.This phase of the program focused on 4 million children in schools Island wide.It is expected to create the awareness of the Energy Conservation among the school children and dedicate them towards the objective.

Accordingly, the National Energy Conservation school program will be held tomorrow 7.30 am at Mahanama Collage, Colombo 4. In parallel with the main ceremony, school Children Island wide will take the National Energy Conservation Oath at 7.45 a.m. in all three languages. Also it is planned to issue the circular with the assistance of the ministry of Education regarding the Energy Conservation school program and the project of the formation of energy clubs in schools.

This national ceremony will take place with the participation of Power and Energy Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka and the secretaries of the Power and Energy Ministry and the Education Ministry.