Steps to popularize environment friendly means of transportation
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Minister Ranawaka pointed out, being himself as an example

• Bicycle is not the means of transportation of poor. But it is a transportation of modern day.
• Cycling is good for the control of non-communicable diseases and for a healthy life.
• It influence directly for the economy of family, country as well as foreign exchange.

Another stage of the national energy conservation program “Hetak Venuven Ratak” (A country for the future) was commenced on 7th June at 7 A.M at Kimbulawala Junction, Sri Jayawardenapura. The environmental friendly transportation popularizing campain included a cycle parade with the participation of 600 cyclists. The event was organised by the Ministry of Power and Energy with the intention to promote the use of bicycles for short distance journeys to save fuel. National level cyclists including A.M. Sumanaweera, Anthony Simmons and cyclist from armed forces took part at the event along with Minister Champika Ranawaka, secretaries to the ministries and officers of the ministry of power and energy. This cycle parade entered the independent square passing Paliement roundabout, Rajagiriya, Castle Street, Cemetery roundabout, Bauddhaloka Mw and Malalasekara mw.

The objective of this campaign was to popularize bicycle rides for short distance travelling which minimize fuel usage. The bicycle is a green vehicle that can freely ride without black smoke or toxic gases.Minister Ranawaka pointed out that the bicycles were considered as the vehicle of the poor sometimes before which consider today as a modern and environmental friendly way of travelling. Besides its environmental friendlyness, cycling contributes directly to control non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and obesity. It also contributes to improve physical fitness as well as mental well being.

Ttranspotation through bicycles directly involve in saving foreign exchange which directly contributes to the economy of the families as well as the country. Acessories for bicycles can be manufactured locally. A market will be creared for bicycles and multiple economic benefits will be receved by the country. Indirect benefits of getting used to cycling include maximum short distance efficiency and the minimized need for roads and road signelling systems.

It is a responsibility of a government to popularize eco friendly transportation methods. Minister Ranawaka said that he himself will provide an example in precedence regarding that. The minister said that his work focused on winning the future when he arrived at the Independence Square after the completing 11.02 km distance cycle ride.